Thursday, August 26, 2010


Some of you have or will soon be receiving returned letters that you had written to Chris over the last two week period. Apparently, someone on base was too lazy to look up the correct address and forward on the mail. It could not have been that difficult. Anyway, if you receive returned letters, please send them to the new address posted on the blog. Chris is there to least for the next 8 weeks or so. He was a little bummed there for a while, because he wasn't receiving any mail. There should be no problem now with the mail getting straight to him! Chris is allowed to receive small packages with a few snacks, small book, magazine, articles, printouts, etc. He and the other guys in his platoon share snacks and magazines. If CK, Randall, or Drew are reading, you cannot send Playboy. If you have any questions about what to send or Chris's likes/interests, just call me at 850-572-7767 or shoot an email to

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