Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chris's 5th letter received August 30, 2010

On August 26, 2010, Chris wrote:

Parris Island really is a beautiful place. Most recruits never get the opportunity to notice.

I saw my original platoon this morning. They were marching to class, and I was coming back from making a garbage run. I was able to give a couple smiles to some old friends before my original chief drill instructor noticed me and said, "Hughes, get your broken ass away from my hogs." (Hogs are nasty phase 1 recruits) My response was a typical "Aye, sir!" It felt good to sound off again. My old platoon didn't look nearly as dysfunctional as I remembered.

10 things you hear constantly as a recruit:
  1. Aye sir/ Yes sir/ No sir
  2. Open your fat mouth!
  3. Scream!
  4. I don't care/ Nobody cares
  5. Left, right, left
  6. Die already
  7. Get some!
  8. Done sir
  9. Attack chow
  10. Aye recruit, kill
These are some of the language-appropriate ones.

Until next time...

Recruit Hughes

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