Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chris's 6th letter received September 3rd

On September 1st, Chris wrote:

Monday nights at P.E.B. are pretty entertaining. Since my platoon is located on the second story of the Receiving building, we get to see and hear the new recruits come in on the buses and stand on the famous yellow footprints while a Drill instructor paces up and down the street giving the new recruits an earful of what to expect for the next 3 months at Parris Island. This continues all throughout the night, and getting to sleep between all the yelling and running is nearly impossible. This past Monday we had a couple of lost receiving recruits open the door to our squadbay in the middle of the night, setting off a couple of alarms and angry Drill instructors. I thought maybe we were under attack; it was madness. My heart was beating a million times a minute for 10 minutes after that.

My hand/thumb seems to be improving a bit. I'm finally able to grip a pen and write with my right hand. My cast should be off by the end of the month. Cross your fingers.

Rct. Hughes